Comedy site has plug pulled

BBC News | UK | Comedy site has plug pulled

Freeserve pulled the plug because it ” was likely to cause “offence and anxiety”. Given the current legal conditions and ISP’s willingness to shutdown a site rather than deal with the complaints, I vote that we start to complain to ISP’s about stupid websites. No really, I’m offended and aggravated by stupidity, so rather than face the legal challenge forthcoming from my personal anguish in having to deal with stupidity, ISP’s should just pull the plug on any websites that are stupid!

I think we should start with any online journals or webcam sites that contain any sort of wishlist! Because ultimately if you are only publishing to the web for material gain, I don’t really want to hear from you anyway. And the people who do actually buy you stuff are stupid, and your site acts as a repository of stupidity, which, of course, offends me!

OK I’m done ranting…for now!

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