Linked – Hackers so far ahead of defenders it’s not even a game

Image by Dev.Arka
Image by Dev.Arka

Hackers are getting faster whilst defenders are treading water. Over 99 per cent of attacks compromise systems within days (four out of five do it within minutes), and two-thirds of those siphon off data within days (a fifth do it in minutes). Whilst there was an improvement in the number of breaches detected in ‘days or less’ noted in the last DBIR, that turned out to be a temporary blip. This year, less than a quarter of breaches were detected within the same timeframe – meaning attackers have almost always gotten away with the goods before anyone notices.Worse yet, it’s usually not the victim that notices the breach, but a third party (normally either a security researcher or law enforcement).

Nearly two-thirds of all breaches are still traced back to weak or stolen passwords – a basic security failure.

This is not good news, not even close. Your data has been hacked, you might as well accept that.

Hackers so far ahead of defenders it’s not even a game

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