Are you Vulnerable? Wireless, Worms & CyberThreats

Sort of a slow day today, which is ok, since I forgot to write about the seminar I was at yesterday! It was Are you Vulnerable? Wireless, Worms & CyberThreats put on by ISS . This turned out to actually be pretty good. I was expecting a big scare tactic followed by a sales pitch and that wasn’t the case at all! It seems like this company actually might get it. They seem to think that if you go around and give people good, solid information and educate them about security properly, that they will start to trust you, and enough of them will, with the information, look into spending money on security, and since you were the one to educate them, you can be the company they turn to.

It sure beat getting hit over the head with product pitches every 2 minutes!

They even gave away a copy of BlackIce Defender just for filling out the feedback form, not too shabby. I might just have to install that somewhere and get a feel for how it’s different than Zone Alarm, or Tiny Personal Firewall. I’d do a test, but they’ve been done to death. I think any of them will keep you pretty darn safe, and it becomes a religious argument after that. I try to avoid those!

Mostly I think it’s a preference thing, some people like ZA because it just runs, without having to do any setup, some people hate that and want to feel like they’re “in control” with more options. Some people don’t think BlackIce keeps you safe because it only blocks incoming traffic, not outgoing. Others feel they don’t need outgoing because they know everything that runs on their machine at all times. I don’t think any of these arguments are very useful, all of them will keep you relatively safe, it’s just what you prefer, which isn’t for me to tell you!

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