Linked – Facebook Expands Suicide-Prevention Tools Globally

The social network this week expanded its suicide-prevention tools to all languages supported by Facebook.

Initially launched in the US in late 2011 in partnership with Forefront, Lifeline, and Save.org, the initiative offers support to users experiencing self-injury or suicidal thoughts—as well as their family and friends.

“Now, with the help of these new tools, if someone posts something on Facebook that makes you concerned about their well-being, you can reach out to them directly—and you can also report the post to us,” a Facebook Safety post said.

Good. I’m in favor of anything that allows people to reach out to folks who are struggling to offer support, and resources that could help. If Facebook can make that easier by having a toolkit available, all the better. It’s a good example of how much social networks can be used to connect people when needed, as opposed to how often it’s used to argue with people instead.


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