Linked – Want to attract the best talent? Treat your employees like your customers.

“Organizations have fought the proverbial “war for talent” for years now, with mixed results at best. Conversely, most companies have spent the majority of their time understanding what makes their customers happy – with much clearer results.

To succeed over the long term, both should be a priority. Today we rightly understand that to truly delight and retain your customers, you must delight and retain your employees with the same level of care, commitment and rigor. And the strategies to effectively engage your customers can be applied to your people all the same.”

I know a lot of people who work in places that talk a big game about employee satisfaction, but have no idea how to truly measure it. At the same time, they have a million ideas and programs to make sure customers are satisfied.

If your company is successful in the market place, you probably have a pretty good idea of how to give customers what they want, but do you know how to give employees what they want? Or are you constantly dealing with turnover, and blaming it on the people leaving instead of looking at yourself?


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