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“Networking may not seem all that important in the crush of the daily to-do list, until you need a network to call on. Then, it may well be too late. The day-to-day work of networking is a solid way to stay connected with your big picture plans even as you take smaller steps toward realizing them. A network of contacts helps you extend and grow your business and career and allows you to help others in the same endeavor. A solid network also provides a hedge against the future. In times of challenge, these are the people you’ll call.”

It is easy to forget, in the midst of traveling around and work projects, to stay in touch with people. I’ve been guilty of letting my varied connections lie dormant instead of reaching out, or of ignoring an email for days, maybe even weeks, because I’m too “busy” to sit down and write a proper response, when a quick response would be just fine.

That’s not good enough, and I know it. This article is a nice reminder.


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