Linked – Internet Archive wants to get rid of link rot

This is really a cool idea. I always feel bad when I go back and look at a post here that I wrote years ago, and realize that without being able to follow the link, it doesn’t quite make as much sense now.

Of course, that’s just the reality of blogging, eventually some of the cool things I link to aren’t going to be there, or are going to be completely outdated. That happens. It’d be nice if you could have a way to automatically check the archive to see if they indexed the page though.

Internet Archive has long chronicled deceased web pages with the Wayback Machine, allowing users to access stuff that is no longer readily available. But, of course, users would have to know about the Wayback Machine and how to use it.

Now Internet Archive has built a Wayback Machine Chrome extension. It works like this: If you click on a link that would normally lead to an error page (think 404), the extension will instead give users the option to load an archived version of the page. The link is no longer simply gone.


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