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Linked – The Job Search Tip Introverts Hate (But Desperately Need)

As an introvert, this is the advice that I hate too….

“I am not an introvert, but I speak to a lot of them, coaching them through the process of getting a new job.

The vast majority of them are amazing, highly qualified people who do their jobs extremely well—but they have a lot of trouble when it comes time to get hired.

There’s one piece of advice I give that introverts almost universally step back from or even sneer at.

Here’s what it is…are you ready?

The job search is a sales process, and you need to ‘sell yourself’ within that process.”

Peggy does go on to give some good advice on how to sell yourself, including using social media, but there’s no getting away from it.

Yuck. 😉


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