Reading – Use This Psychological Principle to Master Business Networking

Image by Event Photo China
Image by Event Photo China

“The good news is that there’s a great brain hack which can help you elevate simple acquaintances to their greatest potential, and all it takes is a bit of consistency. It’s what’s known in psychology circles as the mere exposure effect. When understood and used to your advantage, it can yield big results to help you supercharge your networking activities in a lasting way that grows your career.
The mere exposure effect (also known as the familiarity principle) suggests that simply being repeatedly exposed to a person, thing, or idea increases our liking for it. According to this principle, the more time you spend with someone, the more likely you are to have a preference and positive opinion of him or her.”

So networking is really about keeping in touch, and the more you keep in touch, the more people are likely to think well of you. (To a point.)

If you’re thinking about growing your own network, go check out more about the mere exposure effect.

Use This Psychological Principle to Master Business Networking | World of Psychology

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