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Linked – The risks that lie behind the shadowy side of IT

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Do you know all of the locations where your business data may be lurking? Do you have a plan to collect and preserve it? Good luck with that…

If an employer does not offer a certain solution, or if the solution provided is unsatisfactory, users can and generally will start using an alternative with a simple download—or even just by signing up to a cloud service with a few simple clicks.

This is quite a departure from the past, when such applications had to be set up on servers and workstations by a dedicated team of trained IT professionals.

If the selected app doesn’t quite provide the sought after result, users can quickly try the next solution that purports to fulfil their requirements, with little cost or inconvenience.

This is particularly worrying when considering that earlier this year, Netskope reported that organisations globally use an average of 917 cloud apps in their enterprise, of which 94.6% are “not yet ready for enterprise use.” While the EMEA number is lower — 824 cloud applications on average —the number is still staggeringly large. “

It really is a staggeringly large number of apps. I’m dumbfounded. I do not envy those of you who have to secure your organizations data when this has already been going on. Seems like an impossible task. How do you do it?


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