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Linked – Deutsche Bank Bans Text Messages, WhatsApp on Company Phones

They’re turning it off on company issued phones, but also – so much for that BYOD policy:

The policy also applies to private phones used by employees for work purposes. Communication apps such as WhatsApp, Google Talk, iMessage are also prohibited, the memo said.

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On one hand, it makes sense. They’ve had issues with compliance, and proper record keeping, to say the least. SMS, and other communications are incredibly difficult to track down and preserve the way that financial records are supposed to be preserved.

On the other, any place that does this is going to have to issue phones for their workers. You can’t allow someone to bring their personal device to the game and expect them to completely disable text messaging and other apps that they use for personal uses, which is what they appear to be requiring if I’m reading the story correctly. Anyone able to confirm that?

That’s a tough choice to make. BYOD is designed around the idea of not spending so much money issuing, and managing, devices, but clearly they are taking that on, and probably forcing a lot of people into the unenviable position of carrying two phones around.

I’ve done that before. It’s a pain. But I’d do it again if my employer said I could only have a phone that didn’t let me text or use other messaging platforms with my personal contacts.

I wonder how many other organizations with strict record keeping rules are going to moving in this direction as well. Do you work in one that does something like this, or is considering it?

I also can’t help but wonder how many wish they could just go back to using Blackberry devices, with their easy manageability. 😉


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