Linked – What Bosses Should Never Make Employees Do: The 7 Lamest Moves

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Image by flazingo_photos
Image by flazingo_photos

At one time or another I’ve had a boss do some of these. The one I hate the most, and absolutely loathe every single time, is the self-evaluation.

Either you know what I’m doing and how well I’m doing it, or you don’t. Either way, what I say about it is pretty much irrelevant. If you already know how well I’m doing my job, what I say doesn’t matter, and if you don’t know how well I’m doing, you have no way of knowing whether what I say is accurate, so….

It doesn’t matter.

See, so why do we have to spend so much time on this?

But, that pales in comparison to some of the stories I’ve heard about “team building” exercises. I’ve had a few of those sessions in my past, but none have been that horrible. There are some doozy stories out there though.

Have you made your employees do any of these? Has a boss made you do them? Things not on this list that a boss made you do that you think was pretty lame?

What Bosses Should Never Make Employees Do: The 7 Lamest Moves

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