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Linked – Video Depositions May Come of Age in the Cloud Era

This is an interesting concept, the only downside I see is that it does require a fast internet connection to stream the video, but that’s not hard to come by. Video quality taken with an Apple device might not be the greatest, but for a deposition, how good does the video really need to be? We’ve already seen lots of iOS videos on the internet that are very good quality, why not videotape depositions this way?

I’d probably have someone other than the lead attorney working the iPad, but again, that shouldn’t be a big deal.

“StoryCloud, the service he launched, forgoes the videographer and allows law firms to stream and store video depositions directly to a secured cloud platform that StoryCloud operatives can direct from a remote location.


“Even though there are driverless cars and pilotless planes and hedge funds now run by computers, litigation support has been a traditionally analog media forever. We thought we could bring better quality, better service, and an enormous reduction in price,” Kalb said.


Rather than relying on the camcorders of depositions past, StoryCloud allows users to record directly on iPads, as Apple’s technology suite, Kalb explained, makes it easy to transfer content across devices. “Apple technology is developing faster than the traditional video camera technology; it integrates powerful tech lenses,” he added.”

Has anyone used a mobile device to get video testimony? How did it work out?

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