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Linked – Emailing While You’re on Vacation Is a Quick Way to Ruin Company Culture

Not unplugging sends the message that it’s not OK for others to unplug, not to mention also telling your employees that you don’t really trust them. So it makes sense that they are unsatisfied and maybe looking to split.

“While all employees can contribute to this problem, when you’re a manager, those signals are amplified even further. And unfortunately, many don’t realize the consequences until the ground gives way underneath them. Company cultures that don’t support unplugging have employees that are less engaged and less committed to the organization. Compared to employees in supportive cultures, they are less likely to say they feel valued by their company (69% to 50%) and cared about as a person (64% to 43%). They are, however, more likely to be looking for another job. Four in ten employees who work in companies that don’t support unplugging are looking or planning to look for a new job in the next year, nearly double the 21% of employees in supportive cultures.”

But wait, there’s more. If you have kids, you might also be teaching them about what work/life balance looks like, or that it doesn’t exist. Here we are on vacation, and mom keeps checking in with work on her phone, or dad stays behind at the hotel “just to do a little work” while we’re on the beach. Great lesson there folks.


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