Linked – Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Is Completely Busted

One, this is clearly true. And two, if you use FB to follow a website, blog, or some other form of “page”, you’re probably not seeing most of what is posted there. Might want to look into email, RSS, or some other form of following.

“Facebook’s never going to reach a point where they say “Well, that’s all your close friends have to say! Maybe you should go outside.” They’ll fill it with anything to keep you scrolling through the feed, but they’d prefer it be from people you know. Pages—and especially links shared from pages—aren’t as popular. Presumably, this is partially because it can lead you to spend time outside of Facebook. If you click a link on Facebook and then spend the next ten minutes browsing some other site, Facebook can’t show you any ads. But if you keep arguing with every dumb political post your uncle made, you’re probably gonna scroll past a few.”


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