Linked – We’ve Lost that Vacation Feeling

This is a sad story, but one I know we are all too familiar with. My wife could tell similar stories, and I could tell similar stories about her work:

My husband has off from Christmas Eve through January 1 so he’s officially on vacation, and today is our third wedding anniversary. We, along with our red heeler Australian cattle dog, are at a posh and historic resort in the California desert. We arrived yesterday afternoon and my husband spent a couple of hours before supper dealing with a work emergency. And his boss called during breakfast this morning. And if you couldn’t tell, I am writing this blog while on vacation too. We are prime examples of the people interviewed by Glassdoor and Harris Interactive; 61 percent said they work while on vacation.

It’s not good, and it’s yet another reason why so many people are valuing flexibility over money when it comes to career decisions. If you’re going to make me work when I’m away on vacation, then just let me decide where I want to work from on a regular basis. Clearly, if I can work from the resort, I can work from home, or I can work while visiting family in another town. We aren’t there yet, but we should probably be thinking about it.


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