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Linked: Mental health at work: the rise of work separation anxiety

Do you fear what will happen if you were to actually take a few days off and not pay attention to work? Do you feel anxiety about work building up on you, or work getting done without you? You may have work separation anxiety. It’s not a diagnosable disorder or anything, but it does create some serious issues. Issues we should be having serious discussions about –

Businesses need to sit up and take note of what is happening around them. Letting our jobs dictate our entire lives is not beneficial, especially because they don’t last forever.

No, they don’t. As the article points out, if your work is the center of your life day in and day out, who are you and what value do you have if your job becomes redundant, gets replaced by automation, or you want to retire?

That’s not a pleasant thought to have about yourself is it? Now, imagine having it for millions of people?

We need something more.

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