Linked: Mental Health Is A Leading Cause For Why People Are Quitting Their Jobs—Here’s What You Need To Do Now

I suspect that many workplaces do not encourage the behavior listed in this quote below:

Don’t worry about being perfect and what others think. Delegate tasks and ask for help when you need it. Take a mental health day off every so often. Go away on a vacation. Be open and honest with your feelings to people you love and trust. Seek out a new job that will make you feel empowered and fulfilled.

I also believe that, more and more, we’ll see people taking that last option when their workplace doesn’t encourage, or at the very least allow, the kinds of behavior that help people avoid mental health issues due to work stress and anxiety. It’s a competitive employment marketplace. Finding a qualified candidate is actually getting to be quite difficult in some areas, especially around cybersecurity, eDiscovery, and other hi-tech industries. Getting talent in certain locations, and affording to pay the talent in highly competitive areas is getting to be a problem, leading to more remote work opportunities. Can you afford to have that much turnover? Not many places can. Yet they continue acting as though they can continually ask more and more of their employees without risking this. That simply isn’t true any more.

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