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Linked: Learning is optimized when we fail 15% of the time

Some interesting things to consider from this research for training, and your own career. Making mistakes, and getting things wrong, 15% of the time might actually be better for learning.

Do you have the freedom to make that many mistakes in your job?

Or, in a training situation, are you challenging students enough that they are making mistakes in class 15% of the time?

Which, let’s face it, is the place we want them making, and learning from, their mistakes.

“Educators and educational scholars have long recognized that there is something of a “sweet spot” when it comes to learning. That is, we learn best when we are challenged to grasp something just outside the bounds of our existing knowledge. When a challenge is too simple, we don’t learn anything new; likewise, we don’t enhance our knowledge when a challenge is so difficult that we fail entirely or give up.

So where does the sweet spot lie? According to the new study, to be published in the journal Nature Communications, it’s when failure occurs 15% of the time. Put another way, it’s when the right answer is given 85% of the time.”


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