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Linked: Congress Tells Tech Companies: Take Action on Encryption or We Will

I agree with Sharon on this:

“Backdoors don’t work. Government raises sensitive issues around human trafficking and child pornography to inflame the public. What it really wants is to snoop at will on everyone and to deprive Americans of our right to privacy. My opinion, but there it is.”

The thing is, while the media and political correspondents are busy making sure we all pay attention to various investigations and impeachment, the government, Democrats and Republicans, will end up passing a law making it illegal to have private, encrypted communication that they can’t snoop on. Which will mean that lots of people will likewise be snooping.

And then that privilege will get misused, over, and over, and over again. Until you simply have no privacy at all. Every security camera, every cell phone, every Alexa device, every app you use that stores data about you, will be accessible to the government.

That sounds downright tyrannical, doesn’t it?

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