Linked: What ‘Back to Normal’ Looks Like for a Law Firm in Perth

This is the approach more people need to take. For a lot of work that we do in the legal industry, and others.

““With what people have said, it’s nice to have the option, and there are some things that can be done far more efficiently at home,” said Blycha, a resources projects partner at the firm.

“With professional staff, I’m not going to be dictating that they have to be at their office at a particular point in time, provided that the work gets done,” he said. “It doesn’t really matter where it gets done.””

There is, simply, a lot of work that goes on in offices just because that’s where we’ve always done work, but it truth right now, a lot of that work is getting done in the cloud, whether you want to talk about Microsoft 365, or other hosted document management systems and hosted eDisocvery review platforms, etc. Where I am, physically, is not really relevant to a lot of that work. This pandemic forced a lot of us to work from home, but I also think it proved to many of us that the location isn’t the most important thing for the work to get done. Hopefully, that will open up a lot of flexibility for workers going forward.

Go read the whole thing though, as it does describe some of what they had to go through, and some of the ways they changed their thinking to “fit” with the new reality.

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