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A Simple Story About Phishing

I’m not normally a huge fan of some large tech corporations efforts to educate their customers, especially when it comes to security, mostly because I think it’s really hard to address that topic while not getting overly technical about it. So, it may surprise you to see that I’m sharing this little “Phish Story” from Microsoft.

Truthfully though, I think this story shows a couple of really important points.

  1. Recognize that mistakes happen
  2. The importance of two-factor identification
  3. The importance of taking action as soon as you realize the mistake
  4. The importance of getting the technical folks involved immediately instead of hiding it

By reading the story of Amber, I think there’s a lot that end-users can learn about security without it seeming overwhelming, and might also help them understand why we push them to use 2FA even if it is extra work.

So, check it out, and share with your users:

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