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Linked – The Most Popular IT Admin Password Is Totally Depressing

Well, this isn’t great.

“After sifting through more than 1.8 million pages identified as admin portals, researchers made a disheartening discovery — 40,000 of them used “admin” as its password, making it the most popular credential used by IT administrators.”

I’m going to guess the reasons for this could be twofold –

1. There are plenty of folks working in IT who just don’t really care.

2. As we discussed earlier this week, there might be a lot of IT folks winging it trying to run a data center when they aren’t really capable of it, and so there are various logins that are set to default to “admin” and they don’t even know they exist to change them.

Neither is an excuse. It’s just the reality of all these portals and accounts. Stuff gets forgotten, and it’s the forgotten stuff that is one of the biggest dangers.

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