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Linked: The “Great Resignation” Gains Steam as Employers Call Employees Back to Work

This is mind-blowing:

“The Monster report suggests that 93% of employees are willing to change industries to find the right job. Monster found that burnout and lack of growth opportunities are driving the shift.”

Sharon lists some of the reasons for this, beyond just burnout, including a lot of angst about returning to the office versus remote work, but even all of that doesn’t explain 93%. That’s something more. That’s a life-altering event causing most of the population to completely re-think the role work and career plays in our lives overall.

That’s where we are. It will be interesting how many people make different choices, and can no longer be motivated by the same things employers offered before, and which employers figure that out the quickest.

Personally, I know a lot of folks who’ve made some pretty major changes coming out of the pandemic, and even more who’ve made less noticeable, but significant changes and almost none of them are moving toward more commitment to work. This really does feel like a sea change in how we define success and happiness in our lives. Have you made any changes now that you’ve had a chance to sit back and rethink your own career?

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