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Linked – This New Study Shows That People Who ‘Think Backwards’ Are More Successful

I don’t know, did we really need a study to show this?

“The researchers ran a series of studies asking participants to plan for an important event or goal, like the meeting with their boss or launching their new company. In one study, they asked students to create a study plan for a final exam in either chronological or reverse order.

After the exam, they compared the students’ results against their planning method and found those who planned backwards performed better than those who planned forward.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always worked that way, and when I was training I always taught classes that way. Figure out what the end result looks like, then make the correct choices to get you there. In an area like eDiscovery, where there are quite a large number of options for collecting, processing and reviewing data, how would you decide which options to use, and which to ignore, if you don’t know what the end result should be? That’s how you end up boxed into a corner, or being completely inefficient and enabling everything just in case you’ll need it.

Neither one of those is good. But, if you know what your finished product should look like, you can choose accordingly. Doesn’t that seem like a better idea?


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