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Linked: The shortage of tech workers is about to become an even bigger problem for everyone

I like the information in the article below, but I also feel like they missed a massive part of the problem that was only hinted at in this quote:

“”The survey indicates the continuation of a trend we have been seeing for the past few years,” says Geng. “There has been a shift of skills, with a focus on cloud skills or automation skills, and those are particular skills we are seeing scarcity in.” “

The shift in tech skills is one of the contributing factors, but it’s not that technology has been changing, because that ALWAYS happens. It’s the insistence that employers can find people with a skill that didn’t even exist 2-3 years ago instead of actually developing the people they already have, or hiring people who can continue to adjust and learn these skills.

How many jobs are going unfilled because you’re looking for someone with expertise in a technology that has only been around for the last 1-2 years? How do you expect there to be a bunch of experts on this technology? How do you expect recent graduates to be familiar with the technology that their college curriculum hasn’t even caught up to yet?

It’s not possible. So you might want to start adjusting your hiring, recruitment, and staff development processes, because that’s how you shrink the talent gap, by creating the talent yourself.


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