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Linked: Forget ‘networking’ — just connect with people you find interesting

Justin makes a really interesting point here about networking:

“Now, I didn’t reach out because I wanted a job. I reached out because I thought the people in question were interesting and doing admirable work. I wanted to talk with them…so I did. Connecting with people on those terms doesn’t feel cringey to me because it isn’t. It’s human.”

We’ve all heard about how important networking can be to our careers, but we also often think of it in overly simplistic terms, namely, “connect with people who can help me get a new job”.

There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but there is so much more than connecting with people online and offline, has to offer that we miss out on when we are hyper-focused on job searching. Things like just people to learn from, or people who like to share interesting information, or people who have similar hobbies to our own.

Justin also has some good advice for how to “be a good hang” online and make friends. I know more than a few people who could use that advice to be a little less awkward online. (i.e. Compliment people’s work, not their appearance, um yes!)

Check it out at the link below, but if I was going to give my own take on that idea, is that for my own social media I usually try and consider what I have to offer the people who choose to follow me. I have this blog, obviously. I can share some other, useful, information, and even a laugh or two mixed in.

For me, most of what I do online goes back to my background in training. I learn something, and I want to share that with others. So I do.

And I try not to be “cringey”. 😉

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