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Linked – Police forces ‘overwhelmed’ by digital evidence, watchdog finds

“Some police forces in England and Wales risk being “overwhelmed” by the volume of digital evidence being collected, the police watchdog has warned.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary said many forces had a “significant gap” in digital skills.

It said there were sometimes “unacceptable delays” in basic tasks like getting data off a mobile phone.

Minister Brandon Lewis said: “The public expect the police to reform to meet the challenges of modern crime.””

This story is from the UK, but really it could be anywhere. It’s not just corporations that have a ton of data to deal with in eDiscovery or an investigation, everyone has a ton of data nowadays.

A few years back I did a presentation for an eDiscovery audience about the abundance of data, and showed them how I could produce almost 5TB of data just from what was in my house, or in cloud backups.

It’s probably closer to 10TB now.

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