Linked: The Great Resignation generation: Gen Z wants to job hop

I know the headline might not be that surprising to you, but this little bit was interesting:

“But Gen Z’s willingness to hop jobs is remarkable beyond that, she notes. A whopping 75% of Gen Zers say they’re willing to switch career paths entirely and look for jobs in new industries. Less than half of those older say the same.”

This is something that many of us older folks don’t get, but we should be thinking about much more. I think many of us who work in the technology, legal, or eDiscovery sectors can lose sight of how demanding careers in these industries are. We are quick to scoff at the idea that we should maybe figure out how to make them a little less demanding, or at least more friendly for diverse candidates who can’t simply work all night, or be on call 24 hours a day for our clients because that’s just the way it’s done in our industry. We tend to think that because all of the jobs in the industry are like that, we don’t have to worry about competitors offering something else to our employees.

We are not considering how many people we drive out of the industry completely, especially young people. There is a staffing shortage in these industries, and the companies struggling to find enough talent are not losing out to some other mysterious company in the industry who can pick and choose, we’re all in the same boat because the boat is leaking people every single day. People are making the choice to do something else because what we offer isn’t cutting it.

We like to boast about the important and demanding work we do, but we don’t like to recognize that some people are not going to find it worth doing, and that is why we have a talent shortage.

The way to fix that, of course, is to recognize that we can recruit people from other industries too. Not everyone who we hire needs to have 5 years of experience in the field. Sometimes there are transferable skills from other areas and people willing to hop into a new career. If we don’t make that available we are only hurting ourselves.

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