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Training, Learning and Development Folks – The Pressure is On

That’s the basic idea of this article.

L&D Is in the Spotlight, but that Comes with Some Heat

They aren’t wrong. With the talent gaps being what they are in a number of industries right now, organizational leaders are turning to development and training professionals for help. Let’s face it, hiring gets a lot simpler if we have confidence that our culture and our internal resources will help these new folks that we bring in grow and continue to offer more and more value. We don’t need to wait for someone who ticks every single box that we are looking for, we can find the folks who are available now who tick the majority of them, knowing that our environment will make sure they tick the others in time.

Doing that successfully is a massive advantage in the competition for talent. Your investment pays off.

But, it puts the pressure squarely on those of us working in training and development, doesn’t it? We have to make that investment pay off. We have to help people check off the new boxes. I’ve been looking at this pressure head-on recently. I’m moving into more of a training and development role at work right now, and really being tasked with building out this resource from scratch for our team. We’ve never really dedicated resources to this before. That’s exciting. The chance to build it is an amazing opportunity.

Let’s face it though, it’s also a lot of pressure. Get it wrong, and we risk not only not growing the people we have, but not having the talent to continue growing the team and the business. We risk some of our top folks leaving for an organization that will help them grow the way they want to.

So, yeah, the pressure is on. We are getting the resources and gaining the trust of leadership, now is not the time to go wobbly and ruin that. It’s our time to show what kind of value we can bring to the organization.

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