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Linked – How many workers are looking for workplace mental health support?

These are significant numbers for business leaders to consider.

“The vast majority of workers—eight in 10—are seeking workplaces that offer mental health support, according to a survey of employees from the American Psychological Association. The organization’s 2022 Work and Well-being Survey was conducted online by the Harris Poll among more than 2,000 working adults between April 22 and May 2. The survey also found that 71% believe their employer is more concerned about the mental health of employees now than before the pandemic, while 39% of employees have stated that their workplace environment has had a negative impact on their mental health.”

Leaders in HR and everywhere else read the whole thing. This matters to your people. They are much more likely to consider their mental health when making career choices, there’s no buying your way out of dealing with this with high salaries. We know the salary doesn’t make up for being miserable.

How many employees are looking for workplaces with mental health support?

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