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Linked – Tell Me Seven Times. No – Make that Three.

Candace thinks repeating something seven times might be too much in our personal lives, but three might be better. Regardless of where you fall in that argument, there’s no doubting this reality:

“Kirchner says he’s used a method that has worked for him for decades: he delivers important messages seven different times, seven different ways. He says he doesn’t always hit the seven mark, but every repetition increases the chances that he’ll be heard and understood.”

Trainers, repeat your messages. Take any opportunity you can get to reinforce what you’ve taught your students.

Managers, do not assume that people heard your message the one time you mentioned it in a staff meeting. Repeat it, reinforce it. Use different tactics to remind folks.

Sometimes communicating effectively feels a lot like over-communicating. Especially if your team is hybrid or remote, go ahead and over-communicate. There’s no telling how much better your team will understand what you were trying to tell them when they hear or see it a number of times.


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