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Easy Prediction – AI Will Eat Most of the Ways We Get Our News

Reading this article, it becomes pretty obvious that using social media algorithms or Google News algorithms to stay informed is a sucker’s bet at this point. There’s no way they can deal with that amount of AI-generated junk that is being put out by spammers and scammers.

‘AI’ Exposes Google News Quality Control Issues, Making Our Clickbait, Plagiarism, And Propaganda Problem Worse.

To quote from the article:

Now the broader problem with Google News quality control seems to have gotten worse with the rise of “generative AI” (half baked language learning models). AI-crafted clickbait, garbage, and plagiarized articles are now dominating the Google News feed, reducing the already shaky service’s utility even further

This should not surprise anyone. The ability of anyone to create an avalanche of content capable of overwhelming any algorithmic curation is here. It exists, and it is happening. It’s only going to get worse. Fake profiles sharing fake stories from AI-written content farms will eventually overwhelm the number of people online and make every network worthless. If you think there aren’t already thousands and thousands of these, you haven’t been paying attention. ChatGPT just made it easier to do.

The only thing we’ll be able to fall back on is trusting the people we know personally. Assuming we can tell the difference.

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