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Linked – Attaining Work-Life Balance in an Era of Burnout

Proof that I’m not the only one saying this about burnout at work:

The reason many of the solutions fail is because they falsely believe burnout is an individual problem, rather than a collective problem. The source of burnout was captured rather elegantly in a survey of 7,500 full-time employees by Gallup, which found the top five reasons for burnout are (1) Unfair treatment at work, (2) Unmanageable workload, (3) Lack of role clarity, (4) Lack of communication and support from their manager, and (5) Unreasonable time pressure.

Notice how none of these problems are remotely addressed by mediation apps or Yoga? Companies are completely missing the mark when it comes to addressing burnout.

However, the newsletter below adds a lengthy story about a group working to change the five things listed above. One example they gave was about setting clear expectations about responding to emails. They found some people felt the need to respond within an hour or two, regardless of when the email was sent, while others say email is something that could be replied to another time in the future. This is an example of a small thing that creates stress in the workplace. How often have you gotten an email late at night or on the weekend and immediately adjusted your plans to reply quickly? That’s stress. That’s how burnout occurs because you’re always keeping your eyes open for work.

Clear, realistic expectations. Clearly defined roles. Open communication. Fair treatment.

This shouldn’t be that difficult, and yet here we are.


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