Linked – M365 Conference 2024 Session Schedule Disappoints Me

Tony is a little disappointed with Microsoft –

The M365 Conference takes place in Orlando, FL from April 28 to May 2, 2024. I have two sessions, but my attempts to find sessions that cover all of M365 failed.

He could not find any sessions at the upcoming M365 Conference covering Entra ID or Exchange, two of the core workloads in M365. After all, everyone needs an account to log in, and everyone uses email, and it’s not like Microsoft hasn’t made changes to both over the last year. (Especially when it comes to identity!)

He also noticed some Microsoft Teams content, but not nearly as much as there has been previously, and I think that’s the indicator here.

It’s new, bright, shiny toy syndrome at work. It’s also about what Microsoft can sell, and they aren’t selling Entra and Exchange to anyone right now. Most of us already have it. There aren’t any Premium versions to offer up or any add-ons to sell.

It reminds me of the Microsoft Ignite Sessions from the Fall. There was very little content that was not focused on Copilot.

This brings me back to something I’ve mentioned in the M365 newsletter. Microsoft is all in on Copilot and, to a lesser extent, premium versions of Teams, SharePoint, Planner, etc. They made a lot of money with Teams during the pandemic, but that growth has slowed. (There aren’t many more places with a need for Teams worldwide.) To satisfy Wall Street, they need to find growth. Copilot is the trillion-dollar gamble to make that happen. Premium versions of existing products are another way to goose those profits.

Microsoft executives will be judged based on those products and their success. Entra ID and Exchange aren’t going to impact that judgment one way or the other. They are core to the success of IT departments, but they’re boring, old, “keep the lights on” kind of tech. They aren’t getting Microsoft the growth that stockholders demand in 2024. They need new products to do that, which they will focus on. I can’t blame them for that. It’s the world technology companies live in now, for better or worse.

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