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The article below details the problem with young people trying to work in London. They can’t afford to live close to the office, and getting to the office is expensive. Once they get there, they mostly attend meetings just like they do from home.

All the while, some senior person who isn’t in the office tells them about how we built a culture in the office in the old days, after-work drinks, water cooler chats, etc.

I am slightly offended that the article cites “young people” as wanting something different. I’m not a younger worker, but I agree that so much of the workplace should change. Consider all of the societal and technological changes over the last ten years. Why do we think a concept born in the early 1900s is still appropriate for office work? Why can’t we change it to something more befitting our times? We have the technology to do much of our work from anywhere, to meet remotely, and to communicate in dozens of different ways, yet we still think going to an office 3-5 days a week is the only way to work.

Come on, get your head out of the past. Times have changed in so many ways, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t reconsider everything about how and where work gets done.

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