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Your Password Isn’t as Strong as You Think It Is – And Other Lessons in Cyber Safety

Tips for Strong Passwords

Exterro Acquires AccessData In Nine-Figure Deal, Expanding Its Platform And Setting Stage For Possible IPO

Data Retention – More than Meets the Eye

Why ransomware is still so successful: Over a quarter of victims pay the ransom

Microsoft Scales Back the Privacy-Invading Productivity Score

As the Pandemic Continues, Lawyer and IT Jobs May Still Be Fine. Support Staff? Maybe Not

What types of information do law firms collect that may be subject to the GDPR?

New PC or Mac? How to wipe your old Windows PC clean before getting rid of it

Microsoft May Soon Score How Bored You Are in Meetings


Linked – AccessData announces AD eDiscovery for Relativity

It hasn’t completely disappeared from the AccessData website, but I can’t help but wonder if they are giving up on Summation as a competitor to Relativity at this point. Anyone hear anything official or otherwise from AD? “The integration involves a new direct export option. AccessData users can manage collection, search, preservation, legal hold and…

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Oh Yeah That Other Risk For Firms from #ILTACON18 Day Two

Yesterday, I wrote about the risks facing law firms from all around that came to mind as I sat through some of the sessions. Tuesday morning, I listened to Keith Lockhart from AccessData talk about responding to data breaches, and then watched 15-year old Marcus Weinberger do some basic hacking. Oh yeah, there’s also that…

Life Goes By So Fast – So Long Travel and Training, and Hello Baton Rouge

Life Goes By So Fast – So Long Travel and Training, and Hello Baton Rouge

By the time this posts, I should be getting ready to take my last trip as a trainer for Nuix. I’ve shared this news in bits and pieces to some of the people in my life, but now it’s time to go “blog and social media public”, while also explaining a little bit about why….


Linked – The History and Future of Summation Software – “old Summation” vs. “new Summation”

Fast forward to February 2014 when I was fortunate to review Summation 5 Pro, one of the first major releases of the Summation platform since the AccessData acquisition. Only this was NOT an upgrade to Summation … this was a COMPLETELY NEW PRODUCT. Brett does a good job of nailing the historical situation. I worked…