Linked: LastPass to Limit Usage of Free Version

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Full disclosure. I am a paid customer of LastPass. I have been for a number of years now. Why? Because this is one piece of technology that is worth paying for. There may be some other options out there that give you what you want for free, and there are, obviously, other paid solutions out there as well.… Read More

Linked: Three shockingly obvious ways to make flying less miserable

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It’s all those little unknown things that make us anxious when traveling, and the more anxiety that is built into the process, the less we enjoy it, and the more exhausting it is. I think that is an important lesson for airlines, but it’s also an important lesson for many people in a variety of service industries. Needing a lawyer, working with an accountant, etc. have always been things that most of us aren’t used to navigating, so there’s anxiety involved. Now, simple things like getting a haircut have become more complicated, and involve a lot more anxiety. Employees are also navigating things that they are not used to, maybe working from home, or working onsite but having to navigate all of these new safety protocols, and dealing with customers who are also dealing with all of their own anxieties all day. … Read More

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