New stuff

If you subscribe to the feed, you may have noticed the new “links of the day” item earlier this morning. One of the things I get with Feedburner is the ability to show you a post with all the stuff I linked on my Bloglines link blog for that day. I figure it’s a good…

Long term career choice

A question we were discussing around the help desk the other day. Is working on a help desk a long term career choice? My own opinion is that there’s about a 5 year shelf life. After 5 years, you simple have to do something besides spend your entire day answering user calls/emails and closing tickets….

Career Survey

I was presented with an opportunity to submit some email questions to Ellen Fanning, Special Projects Editor for Computerworld, in regard to their 20th annual IT Career Survey. You can see the discussion over at Friends in Tech. Check it out and share your own experiences and thoughts! Tags: Computerworld, FriendsinTech, CareerSurvey


It’s one of the areas of working in IT, specifically on the helpdesk, that no one ever prepares you for. They don’t cover it in the tech magazines, they don’t talk about it on tech podcasts, and you don’t hear much about it when you’re training for your career, but at some point, you will…

FiT happenings

Just a couple of notes about things going on at Friends in Tech. First, Douglas Welch, host of Career Opportunities, one of my favorite podcasts, got himself on local TV out in L.A. this week. You can download a clip of him explaining the technology behind podcasting here. Secondly, George Starcher has done a fine job of…