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TRU Staffing Offering Scholarships for Legal Tech Education

For the second year, the fine folks over at TRU Staffing Partners are offering scholarships to cover the costs of some great eDiscovery and legal technology education. If you’re looking to get some great education in this field, you may want to consider applying before the deadline of Feb. 15 According to the link above,…

LexisNexis Concordance Enters the 21st Century

LexisNexis Introduces Concordance Native Viewer Functionality for E-Discovery Review Management Software Native Review? Color Production tools? Cool! Just adding these in the second half of 2011? Yikes. Talk about being behind the curve. Still, here’s hoping it helps those of us living with Concordance’s limitations every day.

Access Data Releases Self-Hosted CaseVantage

The press release is short on technical details, and leaves me with a few questions, but the idea of a single web server version of a hosted review platform like CaseVantage does have me intrigued. Obviously, I’m concerned about the performance of one server running the entire platform and back end SQL databases. I’m also…