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Shared Links (weekly) Nov. 12, 2023

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It Feels Like Facebook Punted on Pages

So, when I saw that Facebook was going to start letting people create multiple profiles and that it was really targeted toward people with different interests, or small business owners and freelancers who wanted a Facebook presence for their work apart from their personal profile, I immediately thought, isn’t that what Pages were for? Isn’t that exactly what Pages were promoted as being, a place for the “brand” apart from your personal profile? And isn’t this just a tacit acknowledgment that, outside of huge corporate brands, Facebook broke Pages for everyone else?

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Police Auctioned Mobile Devices – Complete with Illegal Data!

Imagine, if you will an identity thief caught in the act by law enforcement. As part of the evidence collection, they find a mobile device with a whole bunch of stolen credit cards, driver’s licenses, and other data that was in the process of being used by said thief, to steal the identities of dozens of people.

That evidence sits in the property room until such a time as the law says it’s safe for the law enforcement agency to get rid of it, at which time the device is put up for auction.

You would think that before auctioning off these devices with illegally-gotten and dangerous information on them, the various agencies would have wiped them clean, no?

According to the University of Maryland, you’d be completely wrong.


Even Younger Employees Come In With a Skills Gap

One of the things I have talked about for years regarding college education is that, by its nature, it will always be behind. Think about it. You start a four-year degree program to learn technology skills. By the time you complete the four years and maybe even an advanced degree, everything you’ve learned is outdated. Technology changes that quickly. You enter a workplace using the next versions of everything you know. A version you don’t know much about because it’s so new that college programs haven’t even started incorporating it yet.

And by “so new,” I’m saying it’s been updated within the last few years.

Shared Links (weekly) Nov. 13 2022

Shared Links (weekly) Nov. 13 2022

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