OLP Offering Online E-Discovery Classes

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Organization of Legal Professionals since they announced themselves awhile back. Obviously, the area of ediscovery education and certification is something I want to be informed of, and it seemed like maybe this group was trying to get something rolling in that regard. Last week they certainly did get…

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Trial Director 6 and missing features

Since I have to update my Trial Director Certified Trainer certification, today I got to take part in a webinar/conference call training session on what’s new in Trial Director version 6. As I’ve mentioned before, there are a number of new features that make me quite happy (Pack and Go, callout zoom on video, Print…


E-Discovery Certification For Litigation Support Folks?

In all of the recent discussion about creating a certification for Litigation Support professionals to measure their proficiency in working with electronic discovery, I’ve always felt a strong push against the idea, but could never really articulate what about it bothered me. Today, in reading Chris Dale’s blog post about it, it clicked for me….