SSSCA gets a hearing Oct. 25 — can it be stopped?

NewsForge | SSSCA gets a hearing Oct. 25 — can it be stopped?

This bill’s got some scary potential. I think the point is that software and content companies want you to be a passive audience like when they pitch TV ads. You don’t get to choose how the ads come in, or how long they last, but online you do. You can stop an ad before it even starts using ad-blockers, you can block cookies that try and track your surfing habits, you can tweak your Linux distro to do a number of things like this, and it will all be illegal, because corporations want you to just listen to their messages, not be an active participant in the discussion. Too bad they don’t realize it’s too late! We already are part of the discussion and won’t tolerate not being part of it anymore. It’s too easy to spread bad information about a corporation, and see through the BS they spew.

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