No Phishing

Anatomy of a Phishing Text

I was hanging around the house last night when I got this text message:

Hmm. That seems suspicious, but it’s also kind of intriguing, right? What account is going to be disabled? Shouldn’t I click that link to see what account they’re talking about? Well, I took a few steps to disable installs, and did just that so that I could grab this screenshot: (do not do this at home)

OK, so my Facebook account might be suspended if I don’t enter my credentials on this site. Well, is it really Facebook? On my little phone screen it does sort of look like, the mobile site for Facebook. But, by taking a longer look at the address bar, I find something very different. I see…….followed by a completely different domain. That’s not the Facebook website at all. It’s a really long domain that starts with and goes on long enough to hide beyond the length of my phone screen, only throwing in more …. and the words “secure” and “account” in it as well to make it look even more legitimate. (The actual URL ends in though. That’s a dead giveaway, but it took some effort to locate that.)


Stay safe folks. Never click a link sent to you by email, text, or any other communication tool that you are not expecting, and never enter your account credentials from a link, always go back to the website and login there. There are simply too many dangers from malware, ransomware and hijacked accounts to take chances with your information.

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