Why People Get Hacked – Overheard

Overheard at a local eatery recently:

“Now the phone will tell you that you need to update, but never do that. Those updates just take up more space and slow it down every time you do it.”

And we wonder why people get hacked? How many “tech-savvy” people are out there telling their friends to disable Windows updates, or just ignore updates to iOS and Android devices?

And then we see malware running rampant using exploits that have already been patched, on systems that didn’t get updated? Or websites getting hacked because they are using old versions of WordPress or other tools?

Keeping up with updates and patches is time-consuming, but getting hacked is worse. Trust me, I’ve had a website get hacked, and spent way more time fixing that than I spend in a year doing updates. Staying up to date won’t protect against everything, but it will make you a lot safer.

Image by extravigator

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