System Restore

Spent most of this morning doing another System Restore on a Compaq machine. There wasn’t any specific hardware failure or any indication as to what was happening, but it would just hang. It would go through all the normal NT Workstation boot processes, get to the start screen and never prompt me for a network logon. Just a screen with the default Compaq background and no logon. Ran all the diagnostics and everything came up clean. Even went to the final last resort of calling Compaq and they had no idea what would cause it. So we went the System Restore route and everything seems to be working fine. I guess after the long weekend the computer didn’t feel like working today. I know how it feels!

On the plus side, I’ve done so many of these restores that I can now completely rebuild the OS, drivers and all apps in under 2 hours. That’s not bad at all. Or is it just sad that I’ve had to do so many? 🙂

Now that the Radio nuts are pinging weblogs.com every time they make an entry in any category, and it’s recording all those little categories, how useless is going there to see who’s been updated lately? Is this Dave’s idea of creating flow for Radio? Making it look bigger than it actually is by having it index all the different categories? Maybe it isn’t, but you can certainly argue that the Radio weblogs have “spammed” the rest of the weblogs right off of the recently updated list. Yup, definitely time to take a serious look at Blogtrack, and choosing my own weblogs to track. I’ll just have to find new ones the old-fashioned way, through links.

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