RSS, email, XML, who knows?

I’m getting some pretty good feedback on the whole RSS, email subscription stuff. I am definitely convinced that I need to come up with some options for letting people know that the blog has been updated, but I’m in the air about whether to send out in RSS, or email, the whole post or just the titles, or what. Seems like alot of folks are saying that even if I sent out the whole post, which would be way easier, by the way, they would still come here to read it because that’s the only way they could comment, or link to it on their blog. That’s true, and with a Yahoo Group or something like that as the email subscription I would know how many people were getting the emails, but I wouldn’t necessarily know how many people were subscribed to an RSS feed, would I? It seems the Radio users among you are very hot on the idea of having an RSS feed, while the others are more interested in an email subscription. Not wanting to leave anyone out, I’ll probably do both, but you RSS folks will have to be wary of the fact that the address to subscribe to will change when/if Blogger’s RSS option gets finished.

Can you tell I’ve always had trouble making decisions? *L*

On another front the Ready Hosting evaluation continues, and so far things have been good. I’ve called them for tech support and waited 18 minutes on hold and had my problem resolved in under 3 minutes. I’ve left an online support ticket on a Friday night and had it resolved on Sunday morning. I’m using the free version of Internet Seer to monitor for downtime, and there hasn’t been any, and the response times have been decent. The free version only lets you monitor one URL, but for what I’m doing I really only need to point it at the home page and it checks it hourly. The email servers have had no noticeable problems. Cool!

By the way, I noticed that my old hosting company’s website, which said it would be back online in 60 minutes two days ago, now says to check back in 24 hours. Their whole site and the site’s they host have been unreachable for over a week now. Ouch!

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