New hobby..

OK, so not really a new hobby, just some new toys for a current hobby, photography. My lovely wife has been in touch with her aunt, who has recently purchased a new camera, and she has agreed to sell Angela her old one, which Angela is buying as my birthday present! So, in a few short days, I will have one of these to play around with, along with a couple of different lenses, etc. I’ve never had an SLR or a manual focus camera before. It should be a fun learning experience, and should result, in combination with the digital camera and all of it’s lenses, in getting a pretty good range of different types of pictures. I’m excited!

Anyone know what the best websites for photography tips and techniques are? I’m sure I’ll be doing some online research before the camera gets here.

In other news, the approval for another trip to Gnomedex came down from my boss late on Friday. Looks like I’ll be going this year on the company dime again, unless I manage to get a new job in the next month, but that’s not looking too likely!

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