A theorem

I’m not sure how to prove this mathematiclly, but I’m working today on a theory, let’s call it the Outraged at Outages theory. You see, our office internet connection has been down a good part of the day, seems there might have been a problem that the phone company created, and so, it may be a little while before we have internet access again. (I’m composing this on my personal laptop/dial-up account.) The theory goes something like this:

The amount of outrage over an office internet outage is in reverse proportion to the actual amount of work that is being interrupted. It’s never the people who were using the internet connection for an actual work-related purpose who get the most upset about it being down, it’s the people who can’t get to ESPN.com or check their hotmail who are appalled that we have such crappy service that it might be down for any extended period of time. (Nevermind the fact that we don’t even pay for internet access, it’s donated to us!)

So does it hold true in your office too?

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