Blackberry risks

So do Blackberry users put others at risk? I don’t know about that, like I’ve already said, it’s not so much the device as it’s the person who can’t put it down that is the risk.

However, I do know that in a law firm, having a blackberry not work can be a hazard! Lawyers really don’t like when their Blackberries don’t work. I also know I was a hazard to other people during the 2 hours I spent today trying to get a new Blackberry to authorize on the BES server! Somehow after many unsuccessful attempts at Enterprise Activation, it suddenly just activated and started working. I have no idea why, unless I managed to move into an area with better wireless coverage going from the attorney’s office down to my desk and in to the server room and that caused it to connect.

All I do know, is that if this becomes a regular feature of my weeks, I’m going to become dangerous to be around..:)

At least the week is over and we have a weekend to enjoy!

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  1. If you have a CD that came with the blackberry, it should have a program called “desktop manager”. If you load that onto one computer you can use it and a sync cable as a conduit between the blackberry and the BES Server. Just make sure to go to options and connection settings and have it find the blackberryusb connection before you try the activation/sync. Make the first sync a little easier and there is less chance of corrupted info and you don’t have to worry about the signal strength.

  2. Actually, we normally use Desktop manager but for some reason in this case, while it connected using desktop manager just fine, it never registered wirelessly. What I mean is, when it connected to the PC all the “pending” messages would come in, but it wouldn’t do anything when it wasn’t connected, which sort of defeats the purpose.

  3. When they sync are yours set up to sync over the air (all the time) to the BES directly or to the person’s desktop?

  4. They are set to sync wirelessly all the time, however the first sync is generally done at the desktop. After that initial sync we mostly use the USB connection to charge the battery and occasionally for software updates, but that’s about it really. Other times the enterprise activation takes place on that first desktop sync, then everything works wirelessly after that. In fact, I had another one today and that’s exactly what happened. The only difference was that Friday’s was a replacement device, and this was a brand new install with a fresh install of desktop manager. I’m wondering if I needed to go do a fresh install of desktop manager instead of taking the existing install. Shouldn’t have mattered, it’s the same version, but sometimes odd things happen.

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